Covid-19 vaccination compliance and associated factors among medical students during an early phase of vaccination rollout—a survey from Israel

Maayan Katz, Maya Azrad, Daniel Glikman, Avi Peretz

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COVID-19 is “a once-in-a-century” pandemic, bringing with it unparalleled health, social, and economic ramifications. As part of the world’s efforts to restrain the pandemic, vaccine development has been expedited. This population-representative survey in Israel aimed to investigate whether the knowledge, attitudes, and vaccination status of medical students affect their intention to recommend COVID-19 vaccination (as well as reasons for refusal and acceptance of the vaccine). The questionnaire was anonymous, via Google Forms app in December 2021. One-hundred and four medical students completed the survey. Overwhelmingly, (91.3%) COVID-19 vaccination status and intention to receive the vaccine were positively associated with intention to recommend. Twentyfive percent of the students replied that they lacked knowledge regarding the vaccine. A statistically significant association was found between experiencing quarantine and the intention to be vaccinated (p = 0.034). There was a significant positive relationship between the number of symptoms from previous vaccines and the fear of COVID-19 (rs = 0.272, p < 0.01). Prior vaccination did not have an effect on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. This first study evaluating COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among Israeli medical students highlighted the need for medical programs to emphasize the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination in the protection of healthcare workers and patient safety. Education, awareness campaigns, and regulation of vaccine trials could further decrease COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccine rates among medical students.

Original languageEnglish
Article number27
Issue number1
StatePublished - 27 Dec 2021

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We would like to thank Karl Skorecki, dean of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, Bar Ilan University, for the study’s support and for reviewing the manuscript.

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Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, Bar Ilan University


    • COVID-19
    • Israel
    • Medical students
    • Survey
    • Vaccine hesitancy


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