Covenant in the Book of Malachi

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Covenant is mentioned three times in Malachi: 2:8; 2:10; 2:14. McKenzie and Wallace have convincingly demonstrated that references to covenant are inferred in other passages as well, mainly in Mal 1:2-5, 1:6-14. In this paper I intend to show that covenant plays an even greater role in the Book. References to covenant are found, additionally in other passages in the Book: 2:17-3:6; 3:7-12; 3:13-21 and 3:22-24. I suggest, however, that the idea of covenant is the primary structuring element of all the pericopes in the Book. This suggestion sheds new light on the widely discussed topic of the question/answer format of in the Book. Contrary to other suggestions, I maintain that the "disputation" oracles were designed primarily to address the most acute problem of the time: the strained covenantal relationship between God and Israel. I conclude that the idea of covenant is the most fundamental topic of Malachi. The historical and social background of this topic within the society of Persian Yehud will be discussed.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - 2011
EventSBL Conference - San Francisco
Duration: 19 Nov 201122 Nov 2011


ConferenceSBL Conference
CitySan Francisco


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