Bioactive Natural Compounds: Isolation, Characterization and Pharmacological Activity

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Early man explored natural surroundings such as plants, animals and minerals to find the remedies of different ailments. Alternative system of medicines such as Ayurveda, Unani, Kampo, and traditional Chinese medicinal products are used as dietary supplements and nutraceuticals reported to become a major part in treatment of chronic disorders such as diabetes, cancer, malaria, arthritis, inflammation, liver disorders and cardiac disorders. WHO Traditional Medicine Programme is also designed on the potential of ethno-medicines as a lead for drug discovery. Ethnomedicinal plants listed in traditional systems of medicine are being studied since past three decades for scientific evaluation, which provides evidence based alternative medicines and forms a basis for herbal drug industries and molecular targets from plants in pharmaceutical industry. Compounds from plants have been isolated to investigate novel therapeutics since the origin of medicine. Natural bioactive compounds from medicinal plants are inexplicably diverse in chemical structure and biological properties and the unmet therapeutic requirements attributes to develop an interest in reemergence of bioactive natural compounds which will lead to isolation, structural characterization and finding pharmaceutical activity. During 1981 to 2002, 877 new chemical entities were introduced from which approx. 49% were natural products, natural products derived compounds and pharmacophores from natural products. Recently there are number of screen friendly natural products libraries are being established for the development of combinatorial chemistry of natural bioactive compounds with the help of highthroughput screening. Plants have been always considered as ‘Nature's Combinatorial Library' for new chemical entities and are advantageous in drug discovery as they have been used by humans over thousands years with low side effects. The book discusses the different sources of natural products; approaches of drug discovery from natural products; cultivation, collection and processing of medicinal plants; Methods and high throughput techniques for extraction, isolation and characterization of bioactive natural compounds; pharmacological screening for its activity and formulation development as well as quality control of natural medicinal products. The last chapter of book devoted for regulations specified for natural medicinal products in different countries. Each chapter concludes with a general reference section, which is a bibliographic guide to more advanced texts.
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StatePublished - 2019


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