Bearing witness and responsibility in education

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This chapter will ask to explore the concept of ethical witness in the context of education's field. The phenomenological research reveals the ethical meaning of witnessing, and imposes responsibility upon the witness qua witness. This chapter demonstrates the fruitfulness of applying that concept to the educational endeavor.Considering education and the manner of its political and society involvement arouses the need to attempt todefine the nature of that act and involvement in a philosophical moral manner. The claim will be made that an in depth understanding of the concept of bearing witness allows us to discover greater depth in the understanding of the educational event and of the educators responsibility.not only in terms of the role that society has imposed upon him but in terms of his being a witness.The chapter presents a number of types of bearing witness in the educational context:the educator as witness to the moral conduct of the class, the educator as witness who stands before the court of the class, the educator as metaphysical witness to the students image of God.Demonstrating the role of bearing witness as taking responsibility in the realm of education will clarifythe broad social responsibility borne by the educator and student in their academic and educational encounter.The understanding that there are many aspects that enter into the local, intimate circumstances of educator and students,the understanding that the broadest horizons open before the educator and students out of those limitedand closed circumstances.all of this grants infinite significance to the educational event, a significance upon which the concept of bearing witness can, in my opinion, shine new light.\Man was created alone in order to communicate the greatness of the Holy One,blessed be He.for when a person mints a number of coins withone stamp, all of themare identical to each other, but the King, King of kings, the Holy One, blessed be He stampedevery individual with the seal of Adam, yet no one is like another Sanhedrin 4:5.

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