B cell class switch recombination is regulated by DYRK1A through MSH6 phosphorylation

Liat Stoler-Barak, Ethan Harris, Ayelet Peres, Hadas Hezroni, Mirela Kuka, Pietro Di Lucia, Amalie Grenov, Neta Gurwicz, Meital Kupervaser, Bon Ham Yip, Matteo Iannacone, Gur Yaari, John D. Crispino, Ziv Shulman

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Protection from viral infections depends on immunoglobulin isotype switching, which endows antibodies with effector functions. Here, we find that the protein kinase DYRK1A is essential for B cell-mediated protection from viral infection and effective vaccination through regulation of class switch recombination (CSR). Dyrk1a-deficient B cells are impaired in CSR activity in vivo and in vitro. Phosphoproteomic screens and kinase-activity assays identify MSH6, a DNA mismatch repair protein, as a direct substrate for DYRK1A, and deletion of a single phosphorylation site impaired CSR. After CSR and germinal center (GC) seeding, DYRK1A is required for attenuation of B cell proliferation. These findings demonstrate DYRK1A-mediated biological mechanisms of B cell immune responses that may be used for therapeutic manipulation in antibody-mediated autoimmunity.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1462
JournalNature Communications
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 2023

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