Are injury admissions on weekends and weeknights different from weekday admissions?

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Purpose: To examine whether hours of a day and days of a week influence injury pattern, means of evacuation, and hospital resource utilization. Methods: A study based on the Israeli National Trauma Registry of patients hospitalized due to injury between 2008 and 2015. Results: Of 293,077 subjects included; 32.8% were admitted on weekends (weekend-days 16.7% and weekend-nights 16.1%), 20.0% on weeknights and 47.2% on weekdays. Compared with weekday admissions, weekend and weeknight admissions had higher risk of hospitalization from violence and fall-related injuries, but lower risk from road traffic injuries (RTI) except for weekend-day admissions adjusted for age, gender, and ethnicity. Hospitalization due to burn injuries was greater on weekends, particularly on weekend-days. Hospitalization for violence and burn injuries was greater on weekend-nights vs weeknights, while injuries from other unintentional causes were greater on weeknights than weekend-nights. Furthermore, patients admitted on weekends and weeknights were more likely to have severe and critical injuries, greater utilization of intensive care unit and to be referred for rehabilitation, but were less likely to receive prehospital emergency medical service. In stratified analyses, RTI-related hospitalization was greater on weekends among youth and adults aged 15–64 years, males and Arabs, while burn injuries were more likely among weekend admissions for children aged 0–14 years, female and Jews. Conclusions: Injury pattern and resource utilization are related to time. Therefore, injury prevention and intervention efforts should account for hours of a day and days of a week, particularly in relation with age, gender, and ethnicity.

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JournalEuropean Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery
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StatePublished - 1 Feb 2020

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  • Hospitalization
  • Injury mechanism
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