Are drivers ready for traffic enforcement drones?

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Traffic enforcement drones reduce high-risk driving behavior which often leads to traffic crashes. However, the introduction of drones may face a public acceptance challenge which may severely hinder their potential impact. In this paper, we report and discuss the results of a drivers’ survey, administered both in the US and Israel, regarding the benefits, concerns and policy considerations for the deployment of traffic enforcement drones. The results show that drivers perceive traffic enforcement drones as significantly more efficient and deterring compared to current aerial traffic enforcement resources (i.e., police helicopters) and comparable in quality to speed cameras. Privacy and safety are the main concerns expressed with regards to such technology, yet these concerns have been shown to be significantly relieved if traffic enforcement drones are restricted to interurban spaces. Interestingly, only a few Israeli participants object to the introduction of traffic enforcement drones to the traffic police's arsenal compared to about half of American participants. These results combine to suggest several practical guidelines for decision-makers which can facilitate the deployment of this potentially life-saving technology in the field.

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JournalAccident Analysis and Prevention
StatePublished - Jan 2019

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