Approximate String Matching with Stuck Address Bits

A. Amihood, E. Eisenberg, O. Keller, A. Levy, E. Porat

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contributionpeer-review


A string S∈Σm can be viewed as a set of pairs {(si,i)∣si∈S,i∈{0,…,m−1}}. We follow the recent work on pattern matching with address errors and consider approximate pattern matching problems arising from the setting where errors are introduced to the location component (i), rather than the more traditional setting, where errors are introduced to the content itself (si). Specifically, we continue the work on string matching in the presence of address bit errors. In this paper, we consider the case where bits of i may be stuck, either in a consistent or transient manner. We formally define the corresponding approximate pattern matching problems, and provide efficient algorithms for their resolution.
Original languageAmerican English
Title of host publication17th Annual String Processing and Information Retrieval Symposium (SPIRE 2010)
StatePublished - 2010

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Place of conference:Los Cabos, Mexico


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