An exploratory study on factors affecting the adoption of cloud computing by information professionals

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Purpose - The purpose of this study explores what factors may influence information professionals to adopt new technologies, such as cloud computing in their organizations. The objectives of this study are as follows: To what extent does the technology acceptance model (TAM) explain information professionals intentions towards cloud computing, and to what extent do personal characteristics, such as cognitive appraisal and openness to experience, explain information professionals intentions to use cloud computing. Design/methodology/approach - The research was conducted in Israel during the second semester of the 2013 academic year and encompassed two groups of information professionals: librarians and information specialists. Researchers used seven questionnaires to gather the following data: personal details, computer competence, attitudes to cloud computing, behavioural intention, openness to experience, cognitive appraisal and self-efficacy. Findings - The current study found that the behavioural intention to use cloud computing was impacted by several of the TAM variables, personal characteristics and computer competence. Originality/value - The study expands the scope of research about the TAM by applying it to information professionals and cloud computing and highlights the importance of individual traits, such as cognitive appraisal, personal innovativeness, openness to experience and computer competence when considering technology acceptance. Further, the current study proposes that if directors of information organizations assume that novel technologies may improve their organizations' functioning, they should be familiar with both the TAM and the issue of individual differences. These factors may help them choose the most appropriate workers.

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StatePublished - 7 Apr 2015

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  • Cloud computing
  • Cognitive appraisal
  • Information professionals
  • Openness to experience
  • TAM


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