Aminoamidines. 5. Synthesis and acetylation of N,N1,N2-triaryl-substituted β-aminoamidines

E. E. Korshin, L. G. Zakharova, Ya A. Levin, L. Kh Ashrafullina, E. A. Podval'nyi, Yu Ya Efremov

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Triaryl-substituted β-aminoamidines were obtained by the reaction of α,β-unsaturated N-arylimidoyl chlorides with arylamines. Acylation of the products gave the products from monosubstitution at the β-amino group. Triaryl-substituted β-aminoamidines react with phosgene and with oxalyl chloride to form 4-aryliminoperhydropyrimidin-2-ones and 5-aryliminoperhydro-1,4-diazepine-2,3-diones, respectively.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2082-2090
Number of pages9
JournalRussian Chemical Bulletin
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 1992


  • acylation
  • binucleophile
  • heterocycle
  • oxalyl chloride
  • phosgene
  • synthesis
  • β-aminoamidine


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