AgentZero: A framework for simulating and evaluating multi-agent algorithms

Benny Lutati, Inna Gontmakher, Michael Lando, Arnon Netzer, Amnon Meisels, Alon Grubshtein

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Applications of multi-agent system (MAS) are versatile. In this chapter we focus on a specific application domain-agent-oriented programming for distributed constraint reasoning (DCR DCR). The field of DCR deals with constraints constraints-based problems that are distributed distributed among multiple agents. The agents need to arrive at an optimal solution to the global combinatorial problem, and in order to do so, they run a distributed search algorithm search algorithm. Another important aspect of MAS software development is MAS simulation simulation. In this regard, this chapter introduces a new agent-based research tool for designing and testing DCR algorithms. The new tool-AgentZero-is specifically designed for the specification, implementation, and evaluation of DCR search algorithms. AgentZero provides full support to researchers of distributed constraints algorithms in the form of an extensive agent-based environment for algorithmic research that includes a distributed run-time environment, built-in performance measures that are automatically used by all algorithms, and visualization tools that help design and understand the behavior of complex distributed search algorithm search algorithm s. The API of the AgentZero simulator is described in detail and important architectural decisions that enable analysis and smooth implementation of a variety of algorithms are explained and described. In the context of AOSE, this chapter exemplifies two aspects: agent-based simulation environment and tools, and a variety of development and runtime aids for agent-based systems.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAgent-Oriented Software Engineering
Subtitle of host publicationReflections on Architectures, Methodologies, Languages, and Frameworks
PublisherSpringer Berlin Heidelberg
Number of pages19
ISBN (Electronic)9783642544323
ISBN (Print)3642544312, 9783642544316
StatePublished - 1 Feb 2014
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  • Distributed algorithms
  • Multi-agent algorithm development
  • Multi-agent algorithm evaluation environment
  • Multi-agent system simulator
  • Multi-agent visualization


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