AFM-NSOM Nano-Polarimeter: Wide-ranging sensing device for synchronized scanning

Yair Zigman, Binyamin Kusnetz, Jeremy Belhassen, Avi Karsenty

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This paper explores the use of an enhanced AFM-NSOM system tip as a nanoscale polarimeter. The tip consists of a tungsten-silicon conical photodetector modified with four differently-shaped subwavelength apertures, which enable the determination of incident light's four Stokes parameters and in turn its polarization state on the Poincaré sphere. The system is mounted on a standard Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) cantilever and can serve as a triple-mode scanning system, with complementary topography scanning, optical data analysis, and polarization state detection. The device was designed and simulated using the Comsol Multi-Physics software package, and initial steps toward fabrication were taken using the application of advanced nanotechnology tools to a commercial AFM probe. After a discussion of the advantages and drawbacks of drilled scanning tips vis-a-vis standard ones, the article presents the simulation and fabrication results of the nano-polarimeter tip.

Original languageEnglish
Article number108074
JournalOptics and Lasers in Engineering
StatePublished - May 2024

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  • AFM-NSOM polarimeter scanning probe
  • COMSOL Multiphysics simulations
  • Fabrication process
  • Near-field super-resolution
  • Poincaré sphere
  • Stokes parameters


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