A new stamp seal impression from tel socoh

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This article presents a stamp seal impression on a body sherd from a vessel, recently found at Tel Socoh (Kh.Abbad, Elah Valley). The impression reads: jwfr 'Belonging to §apan [son of] Abimaca Six similar impressions are known, from the following sites: Tel (Azeqah (Tell el-Zakariyah), Tell e§-§afi (two on the same handle), the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, Tel Batash and Tel Socoh. The study of these 'official seal impressions' shows that they were made by the same seal. The article discusses the meaning of this name and the function of these seal impressions. The authors agree with Kelm and Mazar's assumption that apan was a high official of Hezekiah's time, related to the production of storage jars. Recently, Shai and Maeir discussed these clusters of impressions, apparently a reflection of the regional Judaean administration.

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JournalIsrael Exploration Journal
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StatePublished - 2020

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