A Holistic Approach to Incorporating Sustainability into Chemistry Education in Israel

Yael Shwartz, Emil Eidin, Debora Marchak, Miri Kesner, Neta Avraham Green, Eldad Marom, David Cahen, Avi Hofstein, Yehudit Judy Dori

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Incorporating sustainability into chemistry education in Israel has been an ongoing endeavor for the last 25 years. In this chapter we introduce development, implementation, and research of six different educational initiatives: (1) Incorporating Industrial Chemistry into the teaching and learning of high school chemistry curriculum; (2) National Projects competition: "We have Chemistry: Chemistry, Industry, and the Environment in the Eyes of the Individual and Society"; (3) Promoting higher-order thinking skills using context-based Green Chemistry; (4) Professional Development for teachers: Focusing on sustainability: Materials for Energy (5) Professional Development for teachers: Supporting teachers in teaching socio-scientific issues, and finally; (6) Sustainable Chemistry for tertiary education: Research-based design of an interdisciplinary environmental science course. These initiatives span all levels of chemistry education, and hold a mutual design model, which will be discussed hereby.

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Title of host publicationACS Symposium Series
EditorsSherine O. Obare, Catherine H. Middlecamp, Keith E. Peterman
PublisherAmerican Chemical Society
Number of pages36
StatePublished - 2020
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