A global experience-sampling method study of well-being during times of crisis: The CoCo project

Julian Scharbert, Thomas Reiter, Sophia Sakel, Julian ter Horst, Katharina Geukes, Samuel D. Gosling, Gabriella Harari, Lara Kroencke, Sandra Matz, Ramona Schoedel, Maor Shani, Clemens Stachl, Sanaz Talaifar, Natalia M.A. Aguilar, Dayana Amante, Sibele D. Aquino, Franco Bastias, Jeremy C. Biesanz, Alireza Bornamanesh, Chloe BracegirdleLuís A.M. Campos, Maria C. Ceballos, Bruno Chauvin, Sopa Choychod, Nicoleen Coetzee, Vlad Costin, Gustavo d.S. Machado, Anna Dorfman, Monika dos Santos, Rita W. El-Haddad, Małgorzata Fajkowska, Augusto Gnisci, Stavros Hadjisolomou, William W. Hale, Maayan Katzir, Lili Khechuashvili, Gholamreza Kheirabadi, Alexander Kirchner-Häusler, Aslı Göncü Köse, Patrick Ferdinand Kotzur, Sarah Kritzler, Jackson G. Lu, Khatuna Martskvishvili, Francesca Mottola, Martin Obschonka, Stefania Paolini, Marco Perugini, Odile Rohmer, Yasser Saeedian, Jintana Sarayuthpitak, Sabine Sczesny, Ida Sergi, Ewa Skimina, Thomas Talhelm, Kamonwan Tangdhanakanond, Tuluce Tokat, Ana R.R. Torres, Claudio V. Torres, Jasper Van Assche, George G. Wolvaardt, Aslı Yalçın, Markus Bühner, Maarten van Zalk, Mitja D. Back

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


We present a global experience-sampling method (ESM) study aimed at describing, predicting, and understanding individual differences in well-being during times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This international ESM study is a collaborative effort of over 60 interdisciplinary researchers from around the world in the “Coping with Corona” (CoCo) project. The study comprises trait-, state-, and daily-level data of 7490 participants from over 20 countries (total ESM measurements = 207,263; total daily measurements = 73,295) collected between October 2021 and August 2022. We provide a brief overview of the theoretical background and aims of the study, present the applied methods (including a description of the study design, data collection procedures, data cleaning, and final sample), and discuss exemplary research questions to which these data can be applied. We end by inviting collaborations on the CoCo dataset.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere12813
JournalSocial and Personality Psychology Compass
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 2023

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  • COVID-19
  • experience-sampling
  • interdisciplinary
  • well-being
  • worldwide


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