A Dynamical Phase Transition in Ferromagnetic Granular Materials

Ran Itay, Shlomo Havlin, Richard Berkovits

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We study, using simulations the dynamical properties of complex ferromagnetic granular materials. The system of grains is modeled by a disordered two-dimensional lattice in which the grains are embedded, while the magnitude and direction of the easy axis are random. Using the monte-carlo method we track the dynamics of the magnetic moments of the grains. We observe a transition
of the system from a macroscopic blocked (ferromagnetic) phase at low temperature in which the grain’s magnetic moment do not flip to the other direction to an unblocked (superparamagnetic) phase at high temperature in which the magnetic moment is free to rotate. Our results suggest that
this transition exhibits the characteristics of a second order phase transition such as the appearance of a giant cluster of unblocked grains which is fractal at the critical temperature, a peak in the size of the second largest cluster at the same temperature and a power law distribution of cluster sizes near the criticality.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
JournalArxiv preprint
StateSubmitted - 9 Nov 2011


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