[2,3]Sigmatropic rearrangements of propargylic and allenic systems

Samuel Braverman, Marina Cherkinsky

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[2,3]Sigmatropic rearrangements of propargyl sulfonium ylides along with recent advances in the corresponding sulfenate-sulfoxide and sulfinate-sulfone type rearrangements are reviewed. Some new additional examples of these types of transformations, including rearrangements of propargylic dialkoxy disulfides are also surveyed.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSulfur-Mediated Rearrangements II
EditorsErnst Schaumann, Vincenzo Balzani, Armin Meijere, Kendall Houk, Horst Kessler, Jean-Marie Lehn, Steven Ley, Stuart Schreiber, Joachim Thiem, Barry Trost, F. Voegtle, Hisashi Yamamoto
Number of pages35
StatePublished - 13 Feb 2007

Publication series

NameTopics in Current Chemistry
ISSN (Print)0340-1022


  • Dialkoxy disulfide
  • Sulfone/sulfmate
  • Sulfonium ylide
  • Sulfoxide/sulfenate
  • [2,3]Sigmatropic rearrangements


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