13 - Theology and Halakhah in Jewish Feminisms

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This article seeks to make sense of the theological debates within Jewish feminism which were focused on identifying the core theological problem for achieving gender justice, and on inquiring about the importance of halakhah for Jewish feminist life. The article claims that quite interestingly, and although the Orthodox tendency was and remains to emphasize halakhah and minimize theology, Orthodox feminists dealt mainly with theology while a Reform feminist dealt with halakhah. All in all, fifty years into the process it can be said that all currents of Jewish feminism accept the primacy of theology over halakhah. Even those who believe that halakhah has a place in Jewish feminism understand that halakhic change that stands alone and is not anchored in a complete theological doctrine is impossible.

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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2020

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  • Jewish feminism
  • Jewish feminist midrash
  • Jewish-feminist halakhah
  • Jewish-feminist theology
  • Religious feminism
  • Theology and halakhah


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