Paul R. Halmos - Lester R. Ford Awards

  • Zalcman, Lawrence (Recipient)



The best article winner.

The Paul R. Halmos-Lester R. Ford Awards recognize authors of articles of expository excellence published in The American Mathematical Monthly. This award is $1,000 and up to four awards may be awarded each year. The awards were established in 1964 as the Ford awards, named for Lester R. Ford, Sr., a distinguished mathematician, editor of The American Mathematical Monthly, 1942-1946, and President of the Mathematical Association of America, 1947-1948. In 2012, the Board of Governors designated these awards as the Paul R. Halmos-Lester R. Ford Awards to recognize the support for the awards provided by the Halmos family and to recognize Paul R. Halmos, a distinguished mathematician and editor of The Monthly, 1982-1986.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganizationsMathematical Association of America