Katz Prize

  • Merzbach, Ely (Recipient)



The Katz Prize was established in 1975 by Marcos and Adina Katz in memory of Marcos' mother, Adela Katz, may her memory be a blessing.

Like all of mankind, the Jewish people are also living in a time of vast changes in all fields of life. We are witness to developments and breakthroughs, on an almost daily basis, in technology and the sciences in fields that affect our lives frequently- such as medicine, nutrition, the environment and more. These discoveries present questions and challenges that require clarification, on both the individual and national level.

This is the main goal of the Katz Prize - identification and recognition of individuals and projects that deal with the implementation of Jewish Law in modern-day life in written pieces of work and practical projects.

The Katz Prize is presented once a year in a special ceremony that takes place in Jerusalem. The Prize is a total of $25,000 for each recipient.
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting Organizationsקרן כץ