XPS - X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (Thermo Fisher)

  • Yosef Goffer (Manager) &
  • Michal Ejgenberg (Manager)

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    XPS, frequently named also ESCA [Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis] is a highly surface sensitive chemical analysis technique, usually for solid samples. In XPS samples are irradiated with soft X-ray source (~1.5 KeV) under Ultra High Vacuum conditions (~ 10-10-10-9 torr), while their ejected photoelectrons are (kinetic) energy analyzed. The analysis provides quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis for the first 10-100 A of the sample. The chemical information may include oxidation state, chemical environment, spin state, bonding, organic functional groups and more. Sample uniformity and stratification, as well as thin film thickness can also be deduced from the spectra.

    In Bar Ilan University we have a Thermo Scientific Nexsa spectrometer with the following options:

    Depth profiling
    Multi-technique integration
    Dual-mode ion source for expanded depth profiling capabilities
    Avantage Software for instrument control, data processing, and reporting
    Inert atmosphere antechamber

    Prof. Yury Mikhlin yury.mikhlin@biu.ac.il 03-5318954
    Dr. Michal Ejgenberg michaldomb@gmail.com 03-5318749


    NameG2 X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS) System
    ManufacturersThermo Fisher Scientific Nexsa


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