X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer - XRF [Oxford Instruments MAXXI 6]

  • Mark Oksman (Manager)

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    Oxford Instruments MAXXI 6 X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer for coating thickness and materials analysis. The MAXXI 6 uses a high-resolution SDD detector capable of measuring coatings down to the nanoscale and element composition at trace level.


    - Analyzing solids or liquids over a wide element range from 13Al to 92U
    - Programmable XY stage
    - Internal volume (w x d x h): 500 mm x 450 mm x 170 mm
    - Easy load feature with prepositioning laser
    - Automated measurement
    - Intuitive Windows™ 7 based MaxxControl software
    - Choice of empirical calibrations for highest accuracy or FP
    - Model for easy calibration
    - Free selection of elements for composition analysis and
    - Free definable layer structure for thickness analysis
    - Factory preloaded calibration for RoHS and precious
    - Metals (optional)

    Contact Person:
    Mark Oksman


    NameMAXXI 6 X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer
    ManufacturersOxford Instruments Group Plc


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