Wafer Bonder [SUSS Microtec SB6/8 Gen2 ]

  • Yossi Abulafia (Manager)

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    SB6/8 Gen2 SUSS MicroTec provides a semi-automated platform for multiple bonding processes. Handling wafers up to 200mm as well as various shapes and types of substrates. The SB6/8 Gen2 is suitable for packaging as well structuring, meeting the requirements for MEMS, LED, advanced packaging, 2,5D integration, and 3D integration.


    - Motorized z-Axis for recipe-controlled (no mechanical adjustment required)
    - Gate valve and semi-automated load slide to load the transport fixture into the chamber
    - Tool force piston design for best possible tool force uniformity
    - Bond force up to 20 kN
    - Temperature up to 550 °C
    - Precision temperature control (< 1 %) and unrivaled uniformity (± 2 %)
    - Precise process recipe control for all bond parameters
    - Fast heating and active cooling
    - Process chamber pressure range from 5 x 10-5 mbar to 1 bar (3 bar abs available as an option)


    Name SB6/8 Gen2 Wafer Bonder
    ManufacturersSUSS MicroTec


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