ViiA 7 Real-Time PCR System

  • Eyla Maoz (Manager)

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A Real-Time PCR that provides high sensitivity, high specificity, and a broad dynamic range.

96-well standard (10–100 μL reactions)
96-well Fast (10–30 μL reactions)
384-well (5–20 μL reactions)
TaqMan® Array Micro Fluidic Cards (~1 μL reactions)


Fully Compatible with TaqMan® Array Micro Fluidic Cards, Applied Biosystems® TaqMan® Assays are the gold standard in qPCR analysis, providing high sensitivity, high specificity, and a broad dynamic range.
TaqMan® Array-ready: Hundreds of customizable and predefined TaqMan®Array Micro Fluidic Cards are available, containing preloaded TaqMan® Gene Expression or MicroRNA Assays in an easy-to-use format. You can analyze 1-8 samples in parallel using your choice of 12-384 TaqMan® Assays.
384-well throughput without robotics: With TaqMan® Array Micro Fluidic Cards, there’s no need for liquid-handling robotics or complex pipetting to load; simply add your sample and master mix and run on the ViiA™ 7 System.
Compatible with the full range of TaqMan® Assays: The ViiA™ 7 System is optimized to enable clear, clean data for all TaqMan® Assays, including MicroRNA Assays, Protein Assays, Long Non-coding RNA Assays, and Pri-miRNA Assays.
The ViiA™ 7 System features the new OptiFlex™ System, which provides enhanced fluorescence detection enabling accurate and sensitive data analysis.
Better accuracy: High-resolution detection system for more accurate reads with TaqMan® Array Micro Fluidic Cards, 384-well plates, and 96-well plates.
Maximum multiplexing: Six decoupled excitation and emission filter channels for the greatest number of dye combinations and maximum multiplexing capabilities.
Flexible data collection: Multiple ramp method detection formats provide more flexibility for collecting data during a ramp stage.
Precise quantification: Detect as small as 1.5-fold changes in target quantities in singleplex reactions.


NameViiA 7 Real-Time PCR System
ManufacturersThermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.


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