Tecan Spark plate-reader

  • Eyla Maoz (Manager)

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Tecan Spark plate-readerת

The Spark multimode microplate reader platform offers solutions to suit virtually any life science research or drug discovery application. It allows researchers to freely configure the reader to their current needs, and is fully upgradable to access other techniques and features in the future.

Easy to use SparkControl Dynamic programing software -enable conditioned actions according ongoing result acquisition.
4 cuvette adapter enable all installed measurement options, incuvette. Shaking- linear/orbital/double orbital with user defined amplitude – up to 1440rpm.
Absorbance 1CH patened HSM™ , range 200-1000nm, full sectrum scan in 5 sec. 1nm increment
Fluorescence Intensity PMT Ex: 230 – 900 nm; Em: 280 – 900 nm
Heating up to 42° Uniformity < 0.5 °C 1,220
Luminescence Spectral range 370 – 700 nm
Dynamic range > 9 orders of magnitude.
Tutoring: First time users must order a tutoring session.


NameTecan Spark plate-reader


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