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  • Michael Assa (Manager)

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Leica SPi 8 Super-Resolution gSTED Inverted Confocal Microscope

The Leica 3D gSTED system achieves resolution below the diffraction limit in the lateral, and axial directions. There are 3 gSTED continuous wave lasers at 592 nm (CW), 660 nm (CW) and 775 nm (pulsing laser) which allow the use of fluorophores From 470 to 670 nm in super-resolution.

Manufacturer Features

Manufacturer: Leica
Model: Inverted Leica DMi8 with anti-vibration table
Continuous wave laser: UV – Diode 50mW 405nm
Pulsed laser: White Light Laser (WLL). Avg. power 1.5mW: 470 – 670nm
Depletion lasers: two continuous (CW) wave lasers up to 1.5W at 592 nm, 660 nm and wave pulsing laser at 775 nm 80 MHz (Class 4 lasers)
Spectral Detection Range of 400nm – 720nm
Detectors: 3 HyD (hybrid detectors) Gated, 2 PMTs, and a TLD (transmitted light detector)
Excitation Modulation (Filters): up to 8 channels (filters multi-photon ext. & ems.); Acousto Optical Beam Splitter (AOBS): provides selectivity between 0.6 & 2 nm wavelength (no filter set needed)
Resonant Scanner 8kHz
Accelerated Z-stacking with the SuperZ galvanometer substage
3-D STED (up to 70 nm in Z)
HyVolution – SuperResolution for every experiment and every sample (down to 140nm in XY)


NameSR STED Confocal
ManufacturersLeica Microsystems


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