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  • Nahum Shabi (Manager)

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    A non-destructive, analytical technique, which is based on the vibrational modes in a system, used to understand molecular composition, structure, interactions, chemical bonding, and dynamics. Widely used in chemistry, material science, biology, and pharmaceuticals.

    - Equipped with multiple laser options: 325 nm, 532 nm, and 785 nm.
    - Two high precision gratings: 600g/mm and 1800g/mm
    - Allows for adaptable spectral resolution, suitable for both broad spectral surveys and detailed peak analysis.
    - Advanced confocal imaging for high-resolution, depth-profiling analyses
    - Enables precise focus on a specific layer or inclusion within a sample without interference from other planes.
    - State-of-the-art technology for rapid data acquisition
    - Facilitates faster imaging without sacrificing resolution or data quality, ideal for dynamic or time-sensitive samples

    Contact Person: Nahum Shabi https://nano.biu.ac.il/node/8618


    NameLabRAM Soleil Raman Microscope


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