PVD System (Magnetron, Thermal and E-BEAM)

  • Moshe Feldberg (Manager)

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PVD system for thin layer deposition with 2 chambers (Thermal and Sputtering) and 1 load lock (LL). The thermal chamber contains E-BEAM and thermal, the Sputtering contains 4 DC/AC magnetrons sources and ion milling source. While the Load-Lock is located between these 2 chambers to ensure inerratic enviromment during transfer.


- Sputtering with 4 magnetrons RF/DC
--RF (For Isolators and semiconductors)
--DC (For conductors)
- Ion Beam (For etching)
- Evaporation with E-beam (4 sources) and thermal (2 sources)
- Sample size - Up to 4”
- Load Lock and transferring chamber
- Sample rotation – up to 30rpm

Contact Person:
Moshe Feldberg


NamePVD System (Custom Made)
ManufacturersBesTec GmbH


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