PT-PC RMC CryoUltra Microtome

  • Eyla Maoz (Manager)

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The Powertome PC features a high definition video package where the sectioning process is displayed in real-time at the center of the computer monitor.

The PTPC is equipped with PC control, useful for controlling the Powertome and archiving information.

The ultramicrotome can be controlled with either a touch screen monitor or digital tactile controller or, if more convenient the user can opt to use both.

The PTPC can be upgraded to the PT3D for array tomography and cryo.

Section Thickness: 5nm to 15mm; Cutting Speed: 0.1 to 100mm/sec in 0.1mm/sec increments.


NameCryo Ultra Microtome EM UC7 with EM FC7 Cryo Chamber
ManufacturersLeica Microsystems


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