PerkinElmer Clarus 690 GC/MS/FID

  • Eyla Maoz (Manager)

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When the highest levels of throughput are critical to your operations, choose the Clarus 690 gas chromatograph. Its patented high-performance oven delivers the fastest heat-up and cool-down of any oven in the business, and that means shorter injection-to-injection times, and the ability to run more samples per day. Plus, the oven’s twin-wall design with concentric air exhaust provides exceptional cooling to near-ambient temperatures without resorting to liquid cryogen – critical for analysis of VOCs. The Clarus 690 Gass Chromatographer (GC) features a wide-range Flame Ionization Detector (FID), a new high-performance capillary injector with decreased reactivity, and autosampler technology that delivers multiple options for liquid injection, headspace, and Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) on one system.


NamePerkinElmer Clarus 690 GC/MS/FID
ManufacturersPerkin Elmer


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