Octet RED96e system

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    The Pall ForteBio Octet® RED96e system detects a diverse range of biomolecules, from small molecules to biologics to cells. The platform’s Bio-Layer Interferometry technology is a label-free, microfluidics-free approach to measuring affinity - even in unpurified samples. The 8-channel Octet RED96e system performs rapid quantitation and kinetics measures, with feature enhancements to further expand versatility.

    • Enhanced evaporation control enables up to 12 hours of unattended run time with minimal loss of sample volume.
    • Extended assay temperature range from 15-40°C allows for determination of binding rates at multiple temperatures for extrapolating thermodynamic measurements and to keep temperature-sensitive proteins cool.

    New software released with the Octet RED96e system also empowers data-driven decisions with custom reporting options and multi-experiment analysis.

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    NameOctet® RED96e system
    ManufacturersPall ForteBio Corp.


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