NMR 700

  • Keren Keinan-Adamsky (Manager)

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    1D and 2D NMR with the CryoProbe- 1H, 13C, 15N (indirectly)

    Our new 700 MHz instrument is dedicated to state-of-the art high resolution studies, including proteins and is equipped with a high-sensitivity cryoprobe, cooled with liquid helium.

    Dr. Keren Keinan-Adamsky
    Head of the solid state NMR unit
    Telephone: 972-3-5317348
    Fax: 972-3-7384004
    Email: Keren.keinan-adamsky@biu.ac.il
    Office: Bldg. 211, Room 005


    NameBruker Avance III
    ManufacturersBruker BioSpin Group


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