Mass Spectrometry (MS) Devision

  • Michal Weitman (Manager),
  • Reut Cohen (Manager) &
  • Yolia Sneberger (Manager)

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    The Mass Spectrometry Division is equipped with 3 MS instruments managed by Dr. Michal Weitman (Ph.D.) and operated by Dr. Yulia Shenberger, Dr. Reut Cohen (Ph.D.), and Ph.D. students. Instruments maintenance taken by Itamar Padel and Israel Tabakman, a specialized Electronics’ Engineer with 30 years’ experience with such systems. The division services the Bar-Ilan’s Chemistry Department, The Faculty of Exact Sciences and the Faculty of Life Sciences. Furthermore, external analytical & consultancy services are given to academia and industry through the Bar-Ilan Research & Development Company.

    Contact Information:
    Dr. Michal Weitman     ‫‬       Phone: 03-5318302
    Dr. Reut Cohen     Phone: 03-5318302
    Dr. Yulia Shenberger   Phone: 03-5318302

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