Maskless Lithography (MLA 150)

  • Mark Oksman (Manager)

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The Maskless Aligner MLA 150 is a state-of-the-art maskless lithography tool. Areas of application include nanofabrication of quantum devices (2D materials, semiconductor materials, nanowires, etc.) MEMS, micro-optical elements, sensors, actuators, MOEMS and other devices for materials and life sciences. Depending on the application, the MLA 150 patterns high-resolution, high aspect ratio, and even simple grayscale structures.

MLA 150, exposing an area of 100 x 100 mm² with structures as small as 1 µm takes less than 10 minutes, and is now firmly established as an alternative to the traditional mask aligner, fully eliminating the need for masks. The maskless approach leads to significantly reduced cycle times. Any design modifications can be quickly implemented by simply changing the CAD layout.


- Minimum structure size [μm] 1
- Global 2nd layer alignment [3σ, nm] 500
- Local 2nd layer alignment [3σ, nm] 250
- Exposure time 405 nm laser for 4“ wafer [min] 9
- Exposure time 375 nm laser for 4“ wafer [min] 20
- Max. write speed 375 nm laser [mm2 /min] 500
- Max. write speed 405 nm laser [mm2 /min] 1100
- Interferometric 200 mm x-y-Stage System with position resolution of 20 nm
- Min. Substrate Size: 5 x 5 mm²
- Max. Substrate Size: 200 x 200 mm²
- Substrate Thickness: 0 to 12 mm

Contact Person: Mark Oksman


Name Maskless Aligner MLA 150
ManufacturersHeidelberg Instruments Nano AG


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