Mask Aligner [MA/BA6]

  • Mark Oksman (Manager)

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Mask aligner designed for all standard lithography applications and thick-resist MEMS applications


- High resolution and optimum edge quality
- Various exposure modes, Soft, Hard and Vacuum, to meet any requirements for a broad range of applications
- Proximity printing is applied to avoid any mask/wafer contact
- The bottom side alignment
- Wafer Size from 1” up to 150 mm
- Substrate Size up to 6" x 6“
- Pieces down to 5 x 5 mm
- Resolution: down to 0.75 μ, mask and photoresist thickness dependent
Contact Person, Process Engineer - Mr. Mark Oksman


NameMA/BA6 Gen4 Mask Aligner
ManufacturersSUSS MicroTec


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