Leica EM TP

  • Eyla Maoz (Manager)

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The Leica EM TP is designed for Light-Microscopy (LM) and Electron-Microscopy (EM) resin Tissue Processing (TP) that features a heating/cooling system with pre-heat and pre-cool capabilities to maintain a constant processing temperature.

Automatic processing of tissue Automatic processing of tissue minimizes contact with hazardous reagents, provides reproducible results, increases time savings and improves user safety in the laboratory.

High throughput Up to 168 EM samples per run ensures high throughput, which results in increased efficiency and time savings in the laboratory

Closed processing chamber Closed processing chamber with fume extraction system reduces chemical exposure for the user.

Automated tissue processing
Closed processing chamber
High throughput


NameLeica EM TP Automatic Tissue Processor, Leica Microsystems
ManufacturersLeica Microsystems


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