Laser Microdissection 7

  • Michael Assa (Manager)

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Laser-microdissection (LMD) is a method to isolate cells, single cells, even sub-cellular moieties, under direct microscopic visualization. Thus, LCM can enrich and purify specific targets of interest for downstream applications such as DNA genotyping, RNA-SEQ, cDNA library generation, proteomics, or for cell cloning.

Manufacturer Features

Manufacturer: Leica
Model: LMD7 - Upright microscope
Cutting-Laser 349 nm , Pulse frequency 10-5000 Hz, Pulse length < 4 ns and Max. pulse energy 120 ┬ÁJ
Camera Leica DFC7000 T
Fully motorized


NameLaser Microdissection 7
ManufacturersLeica Microsystems


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