IncuCyte® ZOOM

  • Michael Assa (Manager)

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IncuCyte® ZOOM System fast-tracks scientific discovery by combining lab-tested protocols and reagents with powerful, automated image acquisition and analysis. With IncuCyte’s user-friendly interface and robust instrument portfolio, any cell biologist can gain dynamic insights into the health, morphology, movement and function of their cell models.

Interface same as Octet computer interface location.

A screen and mouse-keyboard switch is set up to relay between those devices (button press).

Remote interface Access to specific faculty computer (connected to wall socket and authorised), is also possible.

Manufacturer Features

Manufacturer: ESSEN BioScience
Model: IncuCyte® ZOOM version 2014A
fluorescence excitation/emission dual color module 4459


NameIncuCyte® ZOOM
ManufacturersSartorius AG


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