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The NGS and Molecular Biology Unit offers a broad range of services for high-throughput sequencing experiments, including experimental design, library preparation, and sequencing.
We have NextSeq and Miseq Illumina sequencers and a Hamilton star liquid handler robot; for up to 96 sample preparation simultaneously.
In addition, the unit has complementary equipment such as Covaris, Qubit, Tapestation, digital dPCR, and Real-Time PCRs.

Main Services:
• Library preparation (DNA, RNA, sRNA, etc.)
• Sequencing
• MiSeq – 1-25M reads
• NextSeq – Up to 400M reads

Directed by:

Dr. Orly Yaron | Head of the NGS and Molecular Biology Unit
Tel: 972-3-5317119 |

Dr. Sarit Lampert | qPCR specialist and NGS Support
Tel: 972-3-5317119 |


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