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  • Mark Oksman (Manager)

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    Dry Etch ICP-RIE produces high density plasmas with the ability to control both ion flux and ion energy independently. Our system with 12 gas lines to Fluorine and Chlorine process and large library of processes for electronic, photonic, MEMS, and nanotechnology applications.


    - 12 gas lines for different process, including (CL2, BCL3, SF6, etc.)
    --II-VIs and III-Vs: e.g. GaN, AlN
    --Silicon based: e.g. Si, Ge, SiGe, poly-Si, SiC, SiO2, SiNx, quartz
    --Polymers: e.g. PR, PI, BCB
    --Metals: e.g. Al, Cr, V, W, Mo, Ti, Ta, Nb
    --Metal oxides and nitrides: e.g. TiN, TaN, TiOx, TaOx, NbN
    --Piezoelectrics: e.g. LiNbO3, LiTaO3
    - Laser interferometry
    - Optical emission spectroscopy (OES)
    - 2 MHz ICP RF for efficient coupling of power to the plasma
    - RIE and ICP and combined processes
    - temperature ranges from –40ºC to 40ºC
    - 4" and pieces

    Contact Person: Mark Oksman


    Name Versaline SLR 770 ICP RIE


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