ESEM (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope), FEI, Quanta FEG 250

  • Olga Girshevitz (Manager)

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    Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope, Ouanta FEG 250, FEI.
    Used for morphology and topography analysis at resolutions down to 1.2nm. The uniuqeness of the E-SEM is the ability to perform the measurement under humid and LV conditions in adition to the standart HV conditions. The use of Field Emission Gun (FEG) is significantly improved signal to noise ratio and spatial resolution and therefore enable to obtain a better latteral resolution.

    Field Emission Gun (Schottky field emitter)
    High/low vacuum
    High vacuum with beam deceleration
    Extended vacuum mode (wet-ESEM)
    High and low temperature imaging in the range of -20°C - +1000°C
    Detectors: SE, BSED, vCD, EDS, STEM
    Resolution 1.2nm

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    NameQuanta FEG 250


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