E-Beam Lithography

  • Yossi Abulafia (Manager)

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E-Beam lithograpy with 100KeV Acceleration voltage for sub-micron resolution
Elionix 100Kev - ELS-G100 (Now The ELS-BODEN 100)

EBL is a direct writing technique that uses an accelerated beam of electrons to pattern features down to sub-10 nm on substrates that have been coated with an electron beam sensitive resist. EBL span a wide range of nanostructured devices including electronic devices, opto-electronic devices, quantum structures, metamaterials, transport mechanism studies of semiconductor/superconductor interfaces, microelectromechanical systems, optical, and photonic devices and more.


Acceleration voltage 100 kV
Exposure method Gaussian spot beam, vector scan, and step-and-repeat
Min. beam diameter 1.8 nm
Shot pitch 0.2 nm
Beam current intensity 20 pA ~ 100 nA
Standard field size 1,000 μm
Minimum field size 100 μm
Maximum field size 3,000 μm
Scan clock 200 MHz
Max. sample size 8” wafer
Sample Pre-Alignment station prior to a loading to the vacuum system

Contact Person
Dr. Yossi Abulafia




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