Direct Laser Lithography [4-Pico, PicoMaster]

  • Mark Oksman (Manager)

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PICOMASTER is a series of direct laser writers that work with a single laser beam to create high-resolution structures. The versatile, low-maintenance laser writer provides best-in-class resolution for features and grating periodicity. The user-friendly PICOMASTER provides an optimum solution for laser lithography challenges.


- Single focused beam writing strategy for highly focused laser beam
- Ultra-High Resolution: Down to 0.3 μm
- Grayscale: 4096-levels
- Proprietary autofocus even on challenging substrates
- Up to 8” x 8” exposable area
- Stitch-free exposure

Mr. Mark Oksman


Name4PICO Litho
ManufacturersRaith Nanofabrication


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