Cell Sorter - BD FACSAria-III with 4 lasers

  • Hagit Hauschner (Manager)

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    BD FACSAria-III cell sorter is a digital sorter enabling high-speed sorting and multicolor analysis.
    The instrument accommodates 4 excitation lasers at 405, 488, 561, 633 -nm and 14 detectors. Acquisition rates can go up to 70,000 events/second.

    Sorting options
    Two-way sorting into 15mL tubes. Four-way sorting into microtubes and 12 X 75 tubes. Including cooling apparatus. ACDU (automated cell deposition unit) for sorting into multi-well plates and onto microscope slides. Including single cell sorting.

    Nozzle selection
    A set of four nozzles allows users sort a wide range of particle sizes and sort in low pressure for high recovery or in high pressure for high speed. Available nozzle sizes: 70, 85, 100, and 130 microns.

    Sterile sorting
    Preparation for aseptic sort can be activated for one hour before the sort. Users who wish to run aseptic sort should prepare 10L sterile PBS and 2L sterile DDW.

    Working policy
    High skill is required for working with the sorter. User who works often with the machine can undergo training and thereafter work independently. All others should contact Dr. Hagit Hauschner before scheduling.


    NameBD FACSAria-III
    ManufacturersBecton, Dickinson and Company (BD) Biosciences


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