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Slide Scanner Axio Scan.Z1

Axio Scan.Z1 is Autocalibrating, Easy to Retrofit and Guarantees Reliable Reproducibility.

Manufacturer Features
Model: Upright Axuo Scan.Z1
Digitize up to nine parallel fluorescence channels
Three synchronized high-speed filter wheels for excitation, color separation and emission can change channel in under 40 milliseconds
Sensitive cameras, highly corrected optics and perfected light sources for exceptional image quality in your virtual slides and short exposure times
Switch excitation wavelengths in milliseconds
No mechanical components move in the optical beam path when using tri-band and quad-band filter sets for virtual microscopy
Automatic calibration, from geometric to color calibration, reproduces virtual slides precisely and makes them compatible between systems
Decide how many virtual slides, which detection modes and what camera you need – and retrofit your Axio Scan.Z1 as you need it
Modular tray concept – tray design affords you maximum freedom with broad tolerances, with capacity to digitize virtual slides of 26 mm x 76 mm and 52 mm x 76 mm
Access to all settings, with ease of operation from automated and monitored profiles
Automatically store metadata with your virtual slides, allowing you to retrieve a record of all virtual microscopy operations at the click of a button


NameUpright Axio Scan.Z1
ManufacturersCarl Zeiss SMT AG


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