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Prof. Ehud Weiss, Head of the laboratory
Research in my laboratory is in the field of archaeobotany. This is multidisciplinary research that involves identification of plant remains found at archeological sites from all periods and the processing of this information in order to obtain new insights on several levels. On the biological level, this field brings the dimension of time in the evolution of plant species and plant societies. On this level, archaeobotany contributes to the fields of botany, ecology and evolution, in addition to understanding the beginnings of agriculture and the study of food plants. On the archeological-anthropological level, the field deals with the reconstruction of the way of life and cultural diversity of the ancients in prehistoric and historical periods and teaches about the relations between humans and plants in antiquity as the basis for the reconstruction of the ancient humans’ environment, economy and society.

We are the only laboratory in the country that studies the archaeobotany of seeds and fruits. As a result, in addition to the role of passing on knowledge to the next generation and conducting diverse research, the laboratory is recognized by the Antiquities Authority as a national laboratory and conducts research for the Authority’s excavations.

As part of the laboratory’s vision, students participate in many collaborations, with different laboratories and researchers from Israel and from around the world.


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