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  • Olga Girshevitz (Manager)

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    Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) is a family of techniques that have in common a fine probe that physically scans across a surface while measuring not only topography, but also electrical, mechanical, magnetic properties at resolutions that can reach the atomic level. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) provides the ability to image the surface topography of both independently of the sample conductivity. The AFM can be operated in different ambient conditions (air, liquid, vacuum).

    The Atomic Force Microscopy lab at BINA equipment center is equipped with MultiMode NanoscopeV, ICON and Bio FastScan AFM instruments (Bruker, AXS, Santa-Barbara, USA). Two of these instruments (ICON and Bio FastScan) include a stage with full navigation and dimensions of the sample up to 8'' in diameter and 12mm in thickness. All systems equipped by Integrated Acoustic/Vibration Isolation System, which provides true acoustic isolation for AFM microscopes and allows the Z –resolution 0.2Å.

    Using the XY closed loop of the Hybrid XYZ scanner allows accurate and reproducible zooming, as well as high accuracy tip positioning. Using the XYZ closed loop makes it possible to perform highly accurate force-distance curves, current-voltage (IV) curves, and "pulling" techniques, at specific points of high resolution images. In addition to the measurement capabilities, the scanner is also able to perform nanolithography (both scratching and oxidation) and advanced nanomanipulation applications. It also provides the capability of measuring locally a wide variety of physical properties, some of them with the aid of special modules.


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